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Photo Diary of Tours and Life's happenings

May 2020
Late Night Bright Lights

Today I realized that even though we are uncertain when us musicians will get to go back to the life we knew as traveling vagabonds, or weekend warriors, ready to sweat tears for close to nothing. Or maybe we got something and that made it more the gratifying. Your whole career you are balancing free shows for paid shows and this new normal seems to be bringing all of that to an unknown. At least for a while. I have been lucky enough to not be struck down with writers block but If you ask me what I’ve been up to I’d say a blur with luckily two new songs recorded. That’s what I remember because suddenly you have all the time in the world to record and produce songs. Work on the website and meet the thought on a dark street corner near a bright light post, that floats away from you saying, “it’s okay to accept things for what they are” which I’m not even sure what THAT even means. Then one day you are eating a bowl of cereal at 12pm and you remember that we planned an East Coast Tour for October 2020 with friends. And I am not sure if that may happen, but since it’s a tour journal I thought I should write about what I am planning in the coming weeks. I’m putting together some creative things for my Patreon. This will become in some ways a new normal, or just something long overdue. Perspective, perspective. After all, it’s the future of crowdfunding, or has been.

I made an account years ago right before my debut album was released in 2017 and I never pressed the submit button. I couldn’t bring myself to do it because I felt like I should work a little harder at cultivating a fan base. Because you should have people that deem your art, you know, “worthy” of a monthly subscription. Give them choices. And more choices. So since then you can see where I’ve toured and I think now it makes sense to do the thing on Patreon.

I miss live shows, hugs, and connections with humans, but I also miss the time i missed because of the touring and playing live shows. We all connect within and I hope soon, outwards, even if that means virtually or physical distancing. That’s my blurb. How are you???

dec 2019
over texas plains tour

Shout out to Collin’s friend for making the tour poster.
photos (below) by Fredrick Marc-Charles

Downtown before live KRTU interview & performance

iLa Minori and OTP were interviewed and played live on KRTU to kick off our joint tour. Liliana Salas was a great host and we had a fantastic time getting things started there.
Thanks KRTU Indie Overnight


OTP and I joined up with Housewarming for a chilly winter's night gathering with our die-hard fans in one of Austin's most iconic venues

the Bang Bang bar
san antonio, tx

One of my favorite venues made for a fitting end to our tour of Texas!

Dream Coast Tour Collages by Fentress

Check out the Dream Coast Tour Collage “Softer Lines” that our drummer Alex Salinas put together, released through his goegraphically expansive project Fentress. based out of Austin, TX but with collaborators from across the US.

Taken with a field recorder on our recent spring Dream Coast National Tour with Boston’s the Big Lonesome. From San Antonio, TX, to Boston MA. These are sound collages from the 17 states we performed in on the tour. Soothing and cool clips going on, enjoy the auditory pleasures and mysteries by Fentress. Listen here: Fentress

April & May 2019
Dream Coast National Tour

16 states, and we performed over 30 shows, 2 recordings , 6 bands for Alex and 2 for myself.

Charlotte, NC was lovely. A quick candid photo opp by our drummer Alex Salinas after record store shopping before our show at the legendary Punk Venue the Milestone (where Nirvana once played, and REM , REM supposedly slept on the stage)! The vinyl shop is where I also got reunited with Jeff Buckley’s “My Sweetheart the Drunk,” C.D.

Athens GA at Flicker Bar with Annie Leeth April 2019

We had an amazing tour! This was taken in Athens GA at the very funky and cool Flicker music venue. We played with the lovely violinist/producer Annie Leeth. Side-Note-I have the Athen’s band Telemarket that will be here with San Antonio’s Opaque Ghost performing at Nikita the Artists’ bomb-ass house show on July 27th. More on that soon!

Erica and Alex in Clarksdale,MS or Bust

Quick stop in Mississippi.
Clarksdale was nicknamed “The Golden Buckle on the Cotton Belt".
A dark and at the same time rich history.

End of National Tour May 2019

We made lots of new friends and fans that I hope stay in touch with! And got to reunite with our dear sweet friend and singer Erel Pilo from Booklyn, N.Y. Last stop… Jeff Buckley’s last residence!!! More on Jeff Buckely’s reintroduction into my creative headspace on this tour on a later post. He came in like a big heart & wildfire.